Introduction                                           Introduction
Get Set, Go! 4 Unit 1 Unit 2
Time for a Story

Keeping Clean 1

Keeping Clean 2

Making Friends
Time to Say

a face, a hand (hands),

a foot (feet),

a tooth (teeth), hair

clap, hug, nod,

shake hands, talk

Time to Sing

This Is the Way 1

This Is the Way 2

Let’s Clap Hands 1

Let’s Clap Hands 2

Time to Sound ----

n (nod, neck, nose) 1

n (nod, neck, nose) 2

Word Games

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3
   Get Set, Go! Phonics 4
 Listen to the Story   -ad
 Chant and Move   The Dog Is Sad
 Listen to the Words   -ad, bad, dad, mad, sad
  Special Tracks                    Track 1                 Track 3
                   Track 2                 Track 4