Get Set, Go! 4 Unit 3 Unit 4
Time for a Story

In the Park 1

In the Park 2

On the Farm 1

On the Farm 2

Time to Say

a bird, a frog, grass, a park,

a butterfly, a flower

1        2

a cow, a duck, a rabbit,

a sheep, a horse

Time to Sing

Look! 1

Look! 2

What Is It? 1

What Is It? 2

Time to Sound ----

h (horse, hen, house)

   Get Set, Go! Phonics 4
 Listen to the Story -en
 Chant and Move   Well Done, Ken
 Listen to the Words

  -en, hen, pen, ten, Ken 

1        2

Phonics Game

Game 1

 Game 2