Introduction    Introduction
Get Set, Go! 6  Unit 1  Unit 2 Unit 3 
Time for a Story

Chinese New Year 1

Chinese New Year 2

  Be Smart with Money 1

  Be Smart with Money 2

Picnic Fun 1

Picnic Fun 2

Time to Say

 clothes, a dress,

a jacket, shoes,

a red packet

a dollar, love, toys,

a piggy bank, snacks

 a photo, a picnic,

a see-saw, a slide,

a swing

Time to Sing  Happy Chinese New Year

Share Our Love 1

Share Our Love 2

I Want to Play 1

I Want to Play 2

Time to Sound

j (jacket, juice, jam) 1

j (jacket, juice, jam) 2

 l (lion, love, laugh)  i (insect, ill, ink)
Word Games    Game 1
    Get Set, Go! Phonics 6
 Listen to the Story    -ock
 Chant and Move    Santa Opens a Lock
 Listen to the Words    -ock, block, clock, lock, sock
 Phonics Game    -ock
  Special Tracks  Track 1                              Track 3
 Track 2                              Track 4