Get Set, Go! 6 Unit 4 Unit 5
Time for a Story

At the Zoo

The Fun Day

Time to Say

a bear, a giraffe, a hippo,

a seal, a parrot, a zebra

a cook, a guard, a dentist,

a driver, a waiter

Time to Sing

Let’s Count the Animals 1

Let’s Count the Animals 2

People Who Help Us 1

People Who Help Us 2

Time to Sound z (zebra, zoo, zip) g (guard, girl, goose)
Word Game Game 1 ----
   Get Set, Go! Phonics 4
 Listen to the Story -ake
 Sing and Move

Bake a Cake 1

Bake a Cake 2

 Listen to the Words

  -ake, bake, cake, shake, snake

  Phonics Game Game 1
Game 2